Aysar Capys “Bellicha”

Aysar Capys are about to digitally release their final chapter “Bellicha”, an album that collects eight tracks from the previously released “Medieval music carved in rock” and “The Sikilos’ epitaph” EPs together with a previously unreleased “Quinte estampie royale” (the medieval composition from which originated the band’s “Eskampie royale”) and a gift from The Afterglow, their version of “Ja nus hons pris”.
“Ja nus hons pris” is a song written by King Richard the Lionheart during his imprisonment in Austria and has always been a target of Aysar Capys: although they never ended up recording it, they suggested working on the track to Dave Timson who’s english blood might really have enjoyed it as the result is truly awesome…

Bellicha is the last work of Aysar Capys and it only vaguely resembles the album that should have been recorded back in 2001: it took ten more years and it is just a collection of demos, so it’s more an audio sketchbook of what was the original project. Anyway, hope you will enjoy it…


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