EW Records/Ethnoworld in “pills”

Ethnoworld (today EW Records) is a music label and publisher established in Milan back in year 2002 and whose activities date as far back as 1994.
Originally based on an ethnic-folk-world music catalogue, since 2004 EW has spanned from Classical and Early/Ancient music to Jazz and Rock.
From 2005 to 2009 EW had a sister label in the UK (“Silent Revolution Ltd”, based in London) whose catalogue and trademark is today entirely covered by Ethnoworld Srl.

Throughout the years EW/Silent Revolution has worked and/or cooperated with primary actors in the music sector such as EMI Music Publishing, BMG/Ricordi, Warner, Universal… having acts such like The Afterglow, Celtic Harp Orchestra and F.B.A. broadcasted on BBC, MTV, Allmusic, XFM, RAI…

Today EW is primarily active as a music publisher: only in very specific (and rare) cases it still produces and/or distributes new acts.

For general enquiries: ethnoworldsrl AT gmail.com

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